At The Healing Center Church you will find authentic community: people who are dedicated to following Jesus and doing life together. From the moment you walk up to the building you can expect…


You are welcome here! We believe the experience of church should be warm and welcoming from the moment you drive on campus! If you need anything, just grab one of our team leaders. We are ready to serve you!


You'll find everything from casual clothes to Sunday best at our worship gatherings. Church is not about what you wear. Come dressed in what makes you feel comfortable!


We love to laugh with the joy of the Lord, and make church a place full of truth and wisdom.


Expect people to say something like, “Welcome…is this your first time?” You might feel awkward at first, but within a few seconds you will feel right at home. We want you to be yourself! 


No matter the age of your child or children, we have an environment geared towards them. Our goal is to provide a safe and biblically fun place to keep them engaged with each other and more importantly to learn all about the Word of God! Our leader(s) will welcome your kids to and from…the “nursery” for infants and toddler ranged age and if you have kids from ages five through twelve they will love our “Kapow Kids Church”. And if you have teens from the age of thirteen years old through and up to nineteen years of age we have “The Transformation Youth Group” that they will fit right into. 


We are a worshipping church! Our worship style has something for everyone and we also love those old hymns. Expect to see people genuinely loving and praising God. Expect to see all types of worship styles. Worship how you feel comfortable.


At The Healing Center Church, we seek to investigate, explore, understand, and apply the truth of God’s Word into our lives at every level. Feel free to catch up or check out our past messages on our Facebook page. 


We love Jesus and all people. We celebrate through the wisdom of God and are lead through the Holy Spirit. We believe every person has value and every person matters. Come and worship the Lord with us and let’s build the Kingdom of God together!